Sunday, 2 December 2007

Since I began La Belle Saison I have found solace in writing. Here are a few of the posts that I most enjoyed writing; from light-hearted to serious, happy to sad...

Goodbye Norma Jean

I like this post for two reasons; it was the first time I'd had so many readers leaving comments and secondly I really loved those jeans. May they rest in peace.

Being Different

Being Different is what I'm all about. It all becomes a tad more difficult when you're different because you're a foreigner in someone else's country however. This was when I realised that the French tend to stare. A lot.

House of Card(board)

I will really miss those neighbours when FP and I move next month...

It's not all bad

There's a balance in this world. And if you're having trouble trying to find that balance look to a child. They do the funniest things.

Keep the Change

Oh the shame! I'll never live this down.


My own definition of home.

I'd like to insert you into my mother

This was one of those posts that seemed to write itself. I read it back from time to time and still chuckle to myself.

Red Eyes

Red Eyes was extremely difficult to write. It hurt my insides just to find the words to explain how I was feeling. It pained me to share these thoughts and feelings with the world, but in the end I found that sharing my sentiments was exactly what was needed. In fact, if there is one piece of writing that I am proud of it is this.

The one where I out-stay my welcome

I always manage to screw up when I go home to see the parents. You can't take me anywhere.

Scottish For Beginners

Braw fun fur ayebody! Tak' a wee look!

Prude Princesse

Male strippers and men in thongs. The only reason this post made the list is because the picture is hilarious.

Toxic Rage

The day I planned an entire law suit and media frenzy in my head.

Can't live them...

Who would have known that there would be so many brand names a grown man is too embarrassed to utter? A bowl of Golden Ball Cereal, anyone?

Hallucinations & Celebrations

The night of the talking dog.

Bonjour Paris

A delicious reunion with FP in Paris.

Cry Baby

A pensive post concerning my emotional relationship with airports and how I find it increasingly to not cry when in the vicinity of one.

Don't stare at me

Another more serious post, concerning my ill health. This piece is important to me because it was the first time I'd managed to share the fact that my illness had affected my appearance; something that took me a long time to do.


I wrote this just after I'd seen my man off at the airport. I needed to write my feelings down in order to get a hold of them, I needed to show him how much I missed him and how much he meant to me. I think he got the picture!

Teenage Dirtbag

Do you remember being a teen? Remember hating the entire world? Remember thinking everything was like, so uncool? God how miserable adolescence was.

Driving Along in my Automobile

I really must stick to my word and book those lessons. This post explains why you should be avoiding any roads in the Glasgow vicinity.

Holding onto Life by a Thread

Not particularly happy, but it came from the heart. It is interesting to read back, now that I am better, and to see how horribly sad and desperate I felt at that time. It makes me feel very, very grateful for what I have now.

Flight From Hell

Funny when I look back on it. Not funny at the time. How happy I am now that I don't need to take so many trips by plane!


A short, romantic video I made when I was missing my man.

Unfurling Fingers

The first time I got back behind the wheel for a driving lesson after having failed my test about 5 times. Very, very humiliating, since I had to drive up and down my very own street, stopping and starting in front of the neighbours, but in the end it all paid off. I passed!


O-M-G! This post must not be read if you are at a nervous disposition or are eating right now. So wrong!!!

What Shall We Do With The Drunken Princesse?

Ahh my farewell night out with my best friend in Glasgow before I left for France. What makes a good night out? Well, in my case it's getting a wee bitty drunk with a friend, eating a crisp sandwich and waking to a spinning room.

Big Pants

"Erm, doctor, I'm wearing my mother's control pants." What?! Why did I say that? Why, why, why?!


It was so confusing to write this post. I was overcome with all the feelings I had, feelings that were so contrasting that I had no idea what I was feeling. Writing this post felt good to get it all out, and reading it back now, a year later, I still get the same feelings I did at the time. Confused, sad, angry, relief. And gratitude.

Eating My Words

Oh how I hate it when I am wrong.

Excuse Me Mister

Oh dear. I had completely forgotten about this! A conversation with a Glaswegian taxi driver sees me making an arse of myself. Again.

A Slip of the Tongue

An overheard conversation between my hairdresser and an elderly, hard-of-hearing client, Mrs M. had me in fits of the giggles.


The end of my illness. The day I found out I was cured from my four year battle with tuberculosis.

J'habite à Paris

The season finale of La Belle Saison Season 1


The hell of living with your in-laws. Just don't do it. It is stressful on everyone involved.

The Long Awaited Rendez Vous

The meeting of our parents. It's amazing that my dad and FP's parents got on so well, laughing at each other's jokes and slapping each other on the back, when they couldn't speak a word of each other's languages...

To Do List

This is what happens when you live your life by your to do lists.

The Littlest Things

FP's 25th b'day

Chicken Fillet

Why you should never pull your chicken fillet out of your bra and hand it to your friend while in a train station. Never!

The Trinity of Me

A very pensive princess post, explaining who I really am.

Keeping it Real

My man loves my natural fat.

A Woman's Work is Never Done

My take on living with a...boy.

All that for an over-prices box of paracetemol?

My strange encounter with a bizzare pharmicist.

Don't Come Between Me and My Food

I don't share food. Not even with FP!

You Can Run...

When you bump into your ex in the supermarket.

The Gift of All Gifts

The moment my man proposed.

Just My Luck

By now you will know fine well that I'm an unlucky person. This will only reiterate that further.

Peeping Toms

We have our very own Ugly Naked Guy!


My new means of transport : a scooter. But I have just discovered that there are certain downsides to this simple way of travelling...